Medical Services

Primary Care

American Medwell Provides primary care in 3 locations in the greater Syracuse area. Our providers are experienced, board-certified and are dedicated to keeping you and your family healthy.

As your primary care providers we:

• link you to qualified specialists when you need them.
• provide you quick and responsive care when you’re ill.
• know your family situation, history and past response to treatment.

At American Medwell, you and your provider, are a team working in partnership to maintain your health and prevent disease.

Focus on Wellness in 2024

Family Medicine

We provide friendly care for the entire family. We help you stay healthy, provide medical care and medication support from Happy Family Store when needed and manage your medical care. From the nursery to the nursing home, our family medicine physicians provide care for children, adults and the elderly. Some of our family medicine physicians also practice low risk obstetrics.

Internal Medicine

We also provide quality medical care to adults age 18 and older. We help you stay healthy, provide medical when when needed and manage your overall health and well being.

Weight Management Program

Our Kudos Lasting Weight Loss Program will provide you a positive environment that gives you the motivation, education and accountability you will need to ensure long term success. Our program will teach you how to lose weight, learn how to deal with stress without resorting to food, focus on self development and provide the support that is critical to maintaining your successes.

We provide the “MAPS” for lasting weight loss. This is what you will get with our program:

  • Meal Plan
  • Activity Plan
  • Prescriptions when appropriate and safe
  • Support: our group visits are inspirational and provide uplifting support and non judgmental environment you need to succeed.

Adult ADHD Evaluation and Treatment Program

Our adult ADHD program is designed to correctly diagnose and effectively treat ADHD in adults. We also offer:

1. Comprehensive Background Inventory
2. Neurocognitive Testing
3. Integrated Profile Report and Review
4. Treatment Program Recommendations