Focus on Wellness in 2015

Living Well Educational Programs

We offer individual and group instruction.

Classes are scheduled in two-hour blocks. They are held on various days in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. We encourage you to bring a friend or family member with you to the assessment and classes.

These classes cover:

• Blood glucose monitoring
• Diabetes medication review
• Nutrition counseling and meal planning
• Support for you and your family
• Exercise counseling
• Stress management

Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

Our relaxing Visage spa in our Dewitt location, offers you an enriched environment for healing, restoration and well-being.

To make your treatments more holistic and help you relax, you can now experience our healing therapies.

• Essentials Oils: these plant extracts, like lavender, peppermint and ginger, help restore balance to the body, primarily through the sense of smell. These oils help reduce nausea and stomach upset, and some help reduce anxiety as well.

• Massage

• Healing music: listen to music that was composed and produced for relaxation and to reduce stress.

• Foot and Hand Treatments: experience a gentle manicure and relaxing pedicure that promote comfort and reduce stress.